All About Me


My name's Cheryl and I'm a full time housewife and mum, married to Mike, and we have six beautiful children.

Aged between twenty nine and fourteen, our children are now all in various stages of independant life- from our eldest who has not only flown the nest but also the country, and now lives in Canada with his wife and their two gorgeous little boys... to our youngest who has just made her GCSE choices at school. Our eldest daughter (twenty six) moved out last summer- fortunately for her, her boyfriend moved in with her just weeks before lockdown began... Our twenty four year old daughter was until recently still living at home 'part time', spending weekends at her boyfriend's house- then moved in with him during lockdown, and now lives weeks at a time either here or there... Our younger (twenty one year old) son also moved out towards the end of last year... and our seventeen year old daughter was about to take her A' Levels... when schools were closed for lockdown and all this year's summer exams cancelled...

Since lockdown began our usually busy and chaotic lives have obviously adapted and changed- our emphasis now being on simply keeping connected with our wonderful family, rather than having a constant stream of people through the doors and lifts to places being required! Quieter it may be, but it was certainly easier to have a house full of people and every day chats than have to contact each individually for updates on their lives! As so many thousands of other people have found out over these last months, the wonders of modern technology and the dreaded 'Zoom' calls have been a neccessity for keeping in touch with all our lovely family.

Several years ago I wrote in my blog that although my life was busy and chaotic, I developed this little business just in case I got bored... there seems to be even less chance of that these days!

To read more about me and the day to day running of my little business, you can read my blog 'Dolly Clothes Diaries' (link above and below), and to see what this little business is about then please follow the other 'About' links above.

And of course- to buy my handmade doll's clothes, nappies and bedding then please click the link through to my shop :)