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COVID-19 Update

Little Dolly Clothes Shop is still open for business and taking orders!
Whilst I am obviously taking every sensible precaution whilst handling your goods anyway, I will now also be marking the back of all posting bags with the date your order was parcelled up and the items inside last handled by me- thereby giving you the option of waiting until 72 hours have passed before touching your dolly clothes and bedding if you wish. Please be assured that this is only for your peace of mind, there is currently only advice but no requirement (legal or otherwise) for this, and you may open your parcel at any time after receiving it!

My End of Summer Sale is ON NOW!!
Huge savings on ALL summer outfits, including school dresses - all these outfits will be rested from the website at the end of the sale until next spring. Reduced to clear, most outfits now cost less than £10, and some have very low stock- so you'd best be quick if there's something you particularly like!
Sale ends at 10pm, Monday 5th October

It's September, and there's a definite chill in the air - which means that autumn is well and truly on its way! Which means it's nearly time to dig out the warmer clothes and winter-wear, and here at Little Dolly Clothes Shop that means for the dollies too...

Look out for my autumn and winter range of doll's dresses and outfits - newly re-introduced to the website over the past couple of weeks!

If a special little girl in your life has just started school this September, then why not treat her favourite dolly to one of my Winter School Dresses? Designed to resemble a two piece set, but made as a single dress for easy and fun playtimes, the dress is available in a choice of colours to match real school uniforms and in all three of my dolly clothes sizes!
NEW! Now also available with Green pinafore, and/ or Yellow sleeves as options!