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COVID-19 Update

Little Dolly Clothes Shop is still open for business and taking orders!

With all the ever changing advice, regulations and announcements, it's nice to know that (for now at least) nothing has changed with regards to selling handmade goods, and I'm still able to remain open for business- processing and sewing up your dolly clothes and bedding.

I've been trying to get ahead of myself as much as I can- making up extra stock of things I know are popular at this time of year- nappies and bedding especially, so that I can handle them as little as possible when you place your orders. Obviously I've been obsessively washing my hands even more than usual, would never work if feeling at all unwell, and now keep hand gel as a normal part of my sewing kit!

Due to current thinking around quarantining goods, I now mark the back of all parcels with the date and time that I last handled the items inside- this simply allows you to keep your order aside until 72 hours have passed if you wish to. It's not compulsory though, and you may open your parcel whenever you wish!

Doll wearing a pink flowery dress
Doll wearing a patterned top and orange trousers

It's November, and there's a definite icy feel to the air... when it isn't raining - which all means that winter is well and truly on its way! Time then to ditch any lighter-weight clothing and move fully into warmer clothes and winter-wear, and here at Little Dolly Clothes Shop that means for the dollies too...

Look out for my autumn and winter range of doll's dresses and outfits - in styles, colours and patterns that everyone will love, this little collection will see dolly through to the spring!