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My popular Summer Special Offer are back - a new offer for each week of the school summer holidays!
Each week a different outfit or two will be on offer at a discounted price for that week only
Keep an eye out for some huge bargains, including outfits already previously reduced

Offers will change weekly on Monday mornings unless otherwise specified :)

If you know of a special little person who's starting school in September, then why not treat her to a matching school dress for her favourite dolly? In a choice of colours to match most real school uniforms, my dolly school dresses make the perfect starting school gift- especially for those who are feeling a bit anxious! If dolly's okay about starting school, then hopefully they'll realise that they will be too!
AND- buy one along with any other item(s) from across my store before midnight on 1st August, and you'll get 10% off your entire order (before p&p) by using the voucher code NEWSCHOOL21 at the checkout!

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All of my doll's clothes and dolly bedding are tested to the latest toy safety standards and are CE labelled to show this. However you may have heard that following on from Brexit, a new marking system- the UKCA mark, is being introduced for toy sales within and to the UK (not including Northern Ireland).
Please follow the link below to see how I am implementing this across my store :)

I am selling off ALL of my old 'demo' items, all of which can be found in the Clearance category having been made with only CE labels attached- as required at the time of making. Following Brexit there is now a new labelling requirement for toy sales within, and to, the UK and therefore any sales of toys (within and to the UK) bearing only the CE mark will not be allowed as of 31st December this year. Please note however, that the testing for the new label is identical to that for CE labelling, so all of these older items are still perfectly safe and legal!
All new items will include the new UKCA mark alongside the CE one, along with any new or replacement 'demo' items- these will then only be sold off as and when any design becomes redundant, as per usual!

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COVID-19 Update

Little Dolly Clothes Shop is still open for business and taking orders!

With all the ever changing advice, regulations and announcements, it's nice to know that (for now at least) nothing has changed with regards to selling handmade goods, and I'm still able to remain open for business- processing and sewing up your dolly clothes and bedding.

I've been trying to get ahead of myself as much as I can- making up extra stock of things I know are popular- nappies and bedding especially, so that I can handle them as little as possible when you place your orders. Obviously I've been obsessively washing my hands even more than usual, would never work if feeling at all unwell, and now keep hand gel as a normal part of my sewing kit!

Due to current thinking around quarantining goods, I now mark the back of all parcels with the date and time that I last handled the items inside- this simply allows you to keep your order aside until 72 hours have passed if you wish to. It's not compulsory though, and you may open your parcel whenever you wish!